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Tax Returns, Trade Union Contributions, Minimum Wages, & VAT Credits

What are the recent updates on changing the standard tax return forms


09:47 | 31/10/2014

Value Added Tax and Personal Income Tax matters.

VN-NZ Tax Treaty, VAT, & PIT

08:34 | 20/10/2014

On May 28 the General Department of Taxation issued Official Letter No 1966 announcing the effective date and applicable date of...

VAT, Fixed Assets & Double Taxation...

03:29 | 2/7/2014

How are VAT calculation methods applied for enterprises that have been established since January 1, 2014?

VAT, Invoices, Thailand – Vietnam tax...

04:52 | 8/10/2014

What are the recent updates on VAT exemptions for imported animal feed?, What is the detailed guidance on VAT implementation for...


01:10 | 5/2/2015

Question about Tax incentives, business activities, investment and foreign contractor tax

Remitting earnings, CIT, VAT & bad debts

14:24 | 1/8/2015

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23:43 | 5/3/2015

Pursuant to guidance in Decree No. 101/2006/ND-CP, in case of re-registration the company is eligible to inherit all of its...

CIT, Profit remittance, CIT incentives,...

23:08 | 5/5/2015

Foreign investors are permitted to remit profits abroad annually subsequent to the end of the fiscal year, but only after audited...


11:02 | 1/4/2015

From January 1, 2014 onwards, under the provisions of Circular No. 151/2014/TT-BTC, non-compulsory health insurance provided to...

CIT, VAT, & material imports for export...

06:54 | 24/7/2014

Q: How is CIT applied to enterprises being relocated and cleared? A: Official Letter No 877/TCT-CS dated March 18, 2014 from the...

CIT – Tax incentive treatment

14:38 | 5/11/2014

Decree No 91 dated October 1, 2014 from the government stipulates that additional income derived from additional machinery and...