It was 4.30 when the sun began to set on a bright day in mid-May, and the beautiful winding catwalk on white sands near blue waters of the Fashion Voyage 2 fashion show had made a strong impression on the hundreds of guests on pristine Ban Chan Island in Ha Long Bay. While Fashion Voyage 1 presented collections in a space suspended in the sky with the theme “A Walk to the Sky”, this second voyage, called “Lost In Wonder”, led people who love beauty and fashion to a fairytale scene on Ban Chan Island - an amazing destination boasting pristine beauty and the companionship of the most luxurious Paradise Vietnam vessels.

Mr. Nguyen Hong Nhat, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Paradise Vietnam, told VET that it was great pleasure to join Fashion Voyage 2. “Besides bringing an experience in fashion and Ha Long Bay’s natural landscapes, the show also called on everyone to be aware of environmental protection, from businesses to local people and tourists,” he added. 

Fashion Voyage was initiated by its Director, Long Kan, with a desire to create a combination of tourism promotion and fashion shows. No longer confined to straight runways, traditional catwalks or stifling auditoriums, Fashion Voyage brought a new experience combining fashion shows and inspiring natural spaces. 

The coming together of Paradise Vietnam and Fashion Voyage 2 also derived from the mission of promoting tourism in Ha Long Bay. Ban Chan Island is the second destination of Fashion Voyage, following its first holding at Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills, in Da Nang, in 2018. “Paradise Vietnam believes fashion-lovers will discover the beauty of the world natural heritage site, promoting Ha Long Bay’s tourism to domestic and international tourists,” said Mr. Nhat.

In Fashion Voyage 2, Paradise Vietnam contributed to bringing a complete travel experience to guests. Four Paradise cruises took them to the lavish world of five-star cruising with entertainment and cuisine. After a dinner from British Michelin-starred chef John Burton-Race, guests took in the breeze from the sundeck and enjoyed a performance of visual effects and lights cast on to cliff faces for the first time on Ha Long Bay. Finally, a great night on the bay ended with a music party. 

Ms. Truong Tran Thuy Hang, a fashionista at the show, said she was extremely impressed by the grandiose nature of Fashion Voyage 2. “An impressive and unique catwalk at sunset on the island and a five-star experience on a Paradise cruise made our voyage truly complete,” she added. 

As Mr. Nhat noted, Fashion Voyage 2 was also a community event. Models and guests all participated in cleaning up the bay, with images widely posted on social networks and the media, helping Paradise send its message about environmental protection in Ha Long Bay. 

Clean ups are organized by Paradise every month to keep the bay clean and beautiful. Even a small gesture like using metal straws instead of plastic straws at restaurants on Paradise’s vessels expresses its determination to conduct the community activity. “This is the second season of Fashion Voyage, but it was the first time in Ha Long Bay, one of the natural wonders of the world, so Paradise’s purpose is to work with Fashion Voyage to conduct activities to protect the environment and promote Ha Long Bay among domestic and international tourists,” Mr. Nhat said.

While known as Ban Chan Island, the Director of Fashion Voyage gave it a more romantic name - “Heart Island” - because he discovered many more interesting things when taking a look around. In particular he found a small stone island that, when viewed from above, was heart-shaped, dividing its pristine beach into two smaller sandy beaches. 

Ha Long Bay not only possesses Ban Chan Island but also a lot of unexplored beauty, giving creative inspiration to artists like Long Kan and attracting tourists. This is an advantage that makes Ha Long Bay in particular and Quang Ninh province in general become an extremely attractive tourist destination. Travelling out to the bay is also now easier than ever, with the trip from Hanoi taking just two hours. Van Don Airport has also recently been put into operation, adding to local transport infrastructure.

In the first four months of this year, Quang Ninh province welcomed 6.6 million tourists, up 14 per cent over the same period last year and reaching 48 per cent of the annual plan, according to the Quang Ninh Department of Tourism. International tourists to Ha Long Bay reached over 2 million in the first four months of this year, an increase of 14 per cent.

Bringing fashion, landscapes, and service as well as a community message made Fashion Voyage 2 one of the most anticipated events of the year and the hope of attracting more tourists to Ha Long Bay. “With great support from the local government, Paradise and the province will try to increase the number visitors to Ha Long Bay,” Mr. Nhat said. “Our cruises offer the best quality and services, so that every time visitors come to Ha Long Bay they will want to return and will introduce their friends to the safe and beautiful resort destination.”   

Fashion Voyage 2 has ended but I still can’t believe I was able to complete such a difficult show with so many challenges. Its success all stems from the efforts of a team of hundreds of people over the course of many months, such as designers, producers, make-up artists, models, cameramen, and photographers, who aimed to bring the best moments to the audience and the public. Ban Chan Island, in particular, encouraged the team’s 
efforts and enthusiasm. Despite taking more than six hours by ferry to reach the uninhabited island, which has no wi-fi or mobile signal, the beauty of the beach drove me to hold the show here.
Director Long Kan