Shinhan Bank Vietnam has officially launched a new mobile banking app, SOL, with many outstanding features.

Apart from regular features in any mobile banking app, such as balance checks and money transfers, SOL also has logging in by password identification and other safe and secure log in options such as pattern, fingerprint, or iris identification.

SOL also offers customers direct transfers to mobile numbers of recipients. Its interface is user-friendly, integrating all transfer functions on one screen and allowing users to self-arrange and customize according to their actual needs.

“With consultation from our parent bank in South Korea, the SOL app integrates the most advanced technologies in mobile banking and bears outstanding features compared to other apps in the market,” said Mr. Shin Dong Min, CEO of Shinhan Bank in Vietnam. “We hope it will provide our customers with a modern, fast and convenient solution for their financial needs with an easy yet safe and secure approach.”

The app is named after the SOL bear, the mascot of Shinhan Bank in 2018. SOL stands for Speedy Optimized Leading and embraces the meaning of SOLution for customers’ financial demands.