Vietnam’s stock market again lost ground on December 11.

The VN-Index closed on HSX at 954.58 points, down 1.31 points (0.14 per cent), while the VN30-Index finished at 922.34 points, down 0.48 points (0.05 per cent).

On HNX, the HNX-Index closed at 106.59 points, down 0.23 points (0.21 per cent), the HNX30-Index 192.73 points, down 0.71 points (0.37 per cent), and the UPCoM-Index 53.30 points, down 0.05 points (0.09 per cent).

Liquidity on HSX was VND2.5 trillion ($107.3 billion) and on HNX was VND433.8 billion ($18.6 million).

Food and beverage stocks to gain ground included SAB and KDC, by 2 and 0.4 per cent, as BHN lost 2.1 per cent, VCF 2 per cent, and VNM 0.1 per cent. TLG closed at its opening price.

In banking, CTG gained 0.9 per cent, MBB 0.7 per cent, MSN and EIB 0.4 per cent, and TCB 0.2 per cent, as TPB lost 1.6 per cent, BVH 1.5 per cent, VPB 0.7 per cent, BID 0.4 per cent, SSI 0.3 per cent, and VCB 0.2 per cent. STB closed at its opening price.

In energy, PVD and PPC rose 0.3 per cent as GAS lost 1.6 per cent, PLX 0.8 per cent, and PVT 0.6 per cent. PGD closed at its opening price.

The Top 5 shares bought by foreign investors were PVD, MSN, VRE, VNM and VSC.

HPG was the largest net sold share on HSX, followed by VJC, VIC, HDB and VHC.

PVS was the largest net sold share on HNX, followed by VC3, VGC, SHS and PVB.

On UPCoM, foreign investors bought 374,351 shares worth VND2.6 billion ($111,635).

They net brought on HSX by VND46.23 billion ($2 million) and net sold on HNX by VND7.2 billion ($309,545).