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Bit part players

More is required for Vietnamese enterprises to fully benefit from increasing levels of foreign investment.

Distinctive influence

09:27 | 12/2/2018

The presence of large foreign companies has changed Vietnam’s economy and the lives of millions of its people.

Continuing favor

23:37 | 14/2/2018

Growth in the soft drink industry is expected to continue upwards into the foreseeable future though certain problems are present...

Forging ahead

20:51 | 20/2/2018

Most foreign investors have benefitted from Vietnam’s investment environment but seek further improvements.

Change for the better

20:43 | 20/2/2018

VET sought the views of chambers of commerce in Vietnam regarding FDI.

Where it’s needed

20:47 | 20/2/2018

Vietnam has constantly struggled to attract FDI to its agriculture sector despite being an agricultural country.