13:12 (GMT +7) - Friday 22/09/2023


Housing to be built at Hai Phong economic zone

A housing project to serve the needs of 10,000 employees at the Dinh Vu - Cat Hai Economic Zone in northern Hai Phong city is to be built on more...

Six Vietnamese universities in world university rankings 2023

07:45 | 15/10/2022

Vietnam has six higher education institutions listed in the world university rankings 2023 (THE WUR 2023) from Times Higher...

Vietnamese workers need more upskilling

15:06 | 26/8/2022

As the local labor market transforms, both employees and employers must change to adapt.

Female-owned enterprises need support in digitalization

19:32 | 17/8/2022

Financial limits and lack of knowledge among reasons hindering the digitalization process at female-owned businesses.

Aviation well placed for recovery

19:01 | 5/7/2022

Airlines in Vietnam performed well in the first half of this year but further support is needed.

URENCO building plastic recycling factory

09:56 | 23/6/2022

The daily volume of plastic waste generated in Hanoi stands at more than 1,000 tons but only 2 per cent is recycled, with the...

HR Tech - The latest trend in human resources management

15:39 | 18/5/2022

The emergence of HR Technology is changing the way enterprises manage their human resources.

WB releases report on poverty and equity in Vietnam

08:10 | 4/5/2022

Vietnam’s poverty rate is falling but there remain inequalities in various regards that must be addressed on the journey to...

Labor shortages to continue into the first half of 2022

09:39 | 18/11/2021

Labor shortages will increase during the first and second quarters of 2022 as businesses resume operations. It is expected that...

Labor unlikely likely to push up wages post-pandemic

06:13 | 11/8/2021

Covid-19 has not only disrupted goods supply chains but also labor supply chains. Recruitment demand may dramatically increase...

Hanoi strives to develop labor market

14:28 | 10/8/2021

The capital unemployment will also strive to keep its rate at below 2.5 per cent, with the proportion of workers employed in the...

Online shopping much more common

16:21 | 6/8/2021

Leading social media platforms have been introducing a host of new features as social commerce grows in popularity around Vietnam.