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Path to recovery for real estate and hospitality

Conference hears of the progress being made as real estate and hospitality go through a period of transition.

Real estate stocks can’t rely on investment wave

16:10 | 29/8/2022

Analysts at a recent talkshow discussed the impact on the real estate market of changes to the legal framework and offered...

Coastal green real estate gaining interest

06:50 | 28/6/2022

The desire for a green lifestyle and a greater focus on health now influences decisions on where to live, making coastal green...

Vietnam Holding optimistic about Vietnam’s economic prospects

06:36 | 21/5/2022

In the face of challenges from global economic instability, Vietnam Holding wrote in an April report, Vietnam’s economy has stood...

Real estate falling short of potential

14:46 | 11/5/2022

Though holding a great deal of potential for development, Vietnam’s real estate market must still cope with a host of obstacles.

Retail real estate showing promise

18:09 | 10/5/2022

Vietnam’s retail market is now recovering and offering flow-on effects to real estate as businesses try to secure leases before...

Legal overlaps hampering real estate

18:15 | 5/5/2022

Many laws and regulations on the real estate market overlap each other and are inconsistent.

Hanoi’s real estate market shows positivity in Q1

10:06 | 28/4/2022

Market in the capital quite vibrant in the first quarter and showing promise.

Industrial real estate heading upwards

17:06 | 25/4/2022

The supply of industrial real estate rose sharply in the opening quarter of 2022.

Real estate prices ‘cooling off’

06:31 | 1/4/2022

Only real estate markets in localities benefitting from planning and infrastructure are active at the moment.

Real estate retains potential in FDI attraction

16:50 | 28/3/2022

Analysts believe Vietnam’s real estate sector still holds significant potential in attracting foreign investment.

Obstacles ongoing for local real estate market

14:10 | 22/3/2022

Real estate still beset by difficulties and solutions needed to overcome the challenges.