Dozens of special spring flower markets are open around Hanoi until February 4, showcasing and selling flowers for Tet (the Lunar New Year Festival) and joining traditional flower markets in the city.

These flower markets are close to famous sites around town and easy for tourists to visit, such as Hang Luoc Market in Hang Luoc Street and Phung Hung Street in the Old Quarter, Quang Ba Market in Au Co Street in the West Lake area, and Hoang Hoa Tham Market in Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Ba Dinh district.

On sale are traditional trees for Tet, such as peach and kumquat, as well as popular ornamental flowers like orchids, lilies, narcissus, camellias, gerbera, gladioli, violets, roses, and daisies, as well as bonsai trees.

Handicrafts from traditional craft villages and ornamental items for the New Year are also available.

Having trees and flowers in the home during the New Year is a cultural tradition in Vietnam. Traditional Tet trees are an indispensable part of celebrations, with peach and kumquat in the north also representing good luck and prosperity, while ochna is a symbol of wealth and honor among people in the central and southern regions. Other flowers are bought to add charm to the home. The custom expresses people’s expectations for a new, fresh, colorful, and beautiful year ahead.