The Discovery Channel released the documentary film “Vietnam: Vietnam Connecting East Africa” in Hanoi on December 20, which was completed in collaboration with the American television channel Discovery and Red Bridge TV & Film Production Services in Vietnam and shows how Vietnamese have changed East Africa’s telecommunications network.

Continuing with topics on discovering the beauty of Vietnam, which have left a good impression on Vietnamese and international viewers, Discovery Channel’s representatives in Vietnam held a press conference on December 20 to announce the documentary’s release.

Developing countries have long lagged behind in accessing mobile technology. Many people in Africa have to accept poor phone reception and have to walk for hours to be able to make a better phone call. The presence of staff and engineers of Vietnam’s Viettel Group in East Africa has contributed to major changes in telecommunications as well as the lives of local people.

To help viewers understand more about the noble mission of connecting developing countries to the world, they are invited to look at the different stages of mobile technology development, from building infrastructure to bringing mobile phone services throughout Tanzania and to people living in remote villages in Mozambique. Vietnamese really have changed the telecommunication networks in these East African countries.

The Discovery Channel wants to tell this story to viewers all over the world. The documentary will be screened on Discovery channels on various continents, such as Discovery South East Asia, Discovery South Africa, and Discovery Philippines, from December 23 to January 6.