Mr. Dao Trong Tuyen, General Director of the Tuan Chau Five Star Yacht Joint Stock Company

As a pioneer in the field of luxury hotels and cruisers in Ha Long, why do you think Paradise Vietnam has continually received The Guide Awards - a prestigious annual award honoring the achievements and contributions of enterprises, organizations, individuals, and localities to Vietnam’s tourism development?

On behalf of Paradise Vietnam, I am deeply honored to receive The Guide Award 2019. This is the seventh consecutive year Paradise Vietnam has been recognized by readers of The Guide magazine, who I would like to thank for their support over the years. 

Receiving a prestigious award in the field of tourism for many years in a row confirms the quality of Paradise Vietnam’s products and services. This award also provides motivation to our staff. We will continue to improve upon the quality of our products and services to bring the best experience possible to visitors in Ha Long.

Vietnam’s hotel and tourism industry is growing. What factors have helped Paradise Vietnam sustainably develop during the past ten years and receive consecutive The Guide Awards?

The tourism industry in Vietnam in general and in Ha Long in particular is growing quickly. The number of international visitors has also risen significantly in the last three years. In particular, Quang Ninh province, home of Ha Long Bay, welcomed some 5.2 million international tourists in 2018. We always strive to provide visitors with the highest quality services, from infrastructure to high-quality staff both domestically and abroad. We also focus on building and training human resources and attracting talent. In my opinion, these factors are key to Paradise Vietnam growing and advancing in the future.

It is difficult to achieve success in a highly-competitive industry such as tourism, while maintaining the leading position in the field and receiving The Guide Awards for many consecutive years is even more difficult. What is the secret to your success?

In recent years, Vietnam’s tourism industry, especially in Ha Long, has been growing, with nearly 400 cruises operating regularly on the bay. There have been many new forms of products and services that have appeared in recent times. We must keep up with development trends in the industry. As our customers’ needs change over time, we continue to invest, expand our products, and improve our service quality to bring satisfaction to customers. We launch new products and brands to diversify our services and experiences in Ha Long and Quang Ninh. We also always focus on building a good corporate culture, so our staff can develop new ideas and capabilities to contribute to the company.

How would you evaluate the outstanding achievements of Vietnam’s tourism sector in general and in Quang Ninh province in particular over the last three years? How can even more tourists be encouraged to visit?

Over the past three years, tourism in Vietnam in general and Quang Ninh province in particular have seen many changes in quality and substance. The number of tourists in 2018 increased 24 per cent compared to 2017. In the past year, Quang Ninh province has added more transport infrastructure to make travel more convenient, such as the Hanoi - Ha Long Expressway, which cuts travel time from four hours to two hours, and Van Don International Airport. In addition to the alluring scenery and spectacular natural landscapes of Ha Long, the quality of service, cuisine, and unique entertainment activities are important points attracting tourists.

Apart from the achievements recorded in recent years, can you tell us about Paradise Vietnam’s plans to develop and improve the quality of Vietnam’s tourism sector in the immediate future?

In the time to come, Paradise Vietnam will be implementing a number of plans that are expected to go into operation in late 2019 and 2020. These include:

  • The Paradise Express high speed ferry, plying the waters between Tuan Chau - Gia Luan, which will be the first luxury high speed ferry in Ha Long. The travel time between Tuan Chau and Gia Luan is cut to about 12 minutes.
  • Paradise Grand, with 39 cabins and running the Cat Ba route on Lan Ha Bay, will be launched in early 2020 with a special itinerary.
  • The Paradise Delight restaurant cruise with the world-class menu, will bring a new dining experience combined with sightseeing on Ha Long Bay. It can seat some 300 guests, with special lunches and dinners.