Today, Bac Ky Logistics, a fast-growing logistics company headquartered in Hanoi, announced its decision to implement the Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) Cloud and Internet of Things (IOT) Fleet Management application to manage its river and domestic transportation services. 

With its suite of Oracle solutions in place, Bac Ky aims to automate the scheduling of current transportation and delivery management to enable improvements in transparency, speed of service and optimization of cost.

“The logistics sector remains a competitive and service-oriented industry,” said Mr. Nguyen Tran Hieu, CEO of Bac Ky Logistics. “In order to continuously improve our services to serve ever-evolving customer expectations, we’ll be using the OTM Cloud to enhance our operations. As we continue to expand our reach and business, we look forward to partnering with Oracle to see how they will help us optimize transport routing, delivery times and collaboration with our customers, suppliers and partners.”

“The aim is to maximize resourcing and reduce the number of empty containers or trailer movements. With analytics embedded into the solution, we will also be able to visualize our supply chain, logistics and trade information in real time.”

By deploying the OTM Cloud, Bac Ky Logistics is entitled to experience a complete, cloud-based transportation management solution which allows multiple parties to securely and seamlessly collaborate. Better operational planning, robust transportation intelligence, efficient fleet management, freight payment and billing, and enhanced carrier sourcing are just some of the key advantages of the OTM Cloud. 

Along with the Oracle IoT Fleet Management application, managers at Bac Ky Logistics will be able to track the location, on-going vehicle conditions, and driver behavior for downstream supply chain activities planning, breakdowns prevention, and driver control. This will enable Bac Ky’s drivers and field staff with better decision making abilities via real-time data that will be shared via the solution.

“We are really excited to partner with Bac Ky Logistics in its journey to automate and grow its business operations through the cloud,” said Mr. Pham Hong Phong, Managing Director and General Director of Cloud Platform at Oracle, Vietnam. “This is another promising sign that affirms Oracle’s strong presence in the Vietnamese market, and the growing trust from Vietnamese businesses in our solutions. Cloud is an imperative part of today’s business management landscape, and we are heartened with the interest shown by Bac Ky Logistics and other businesses in Vietnam to move to the cloud.”

The implementation will go live in July. Deliveries from Bac Ky’s fleet of one hundred vehicles in Vietnam will be scheduled by the OTM Cloud henceforth.