The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) issued Decision No. 1097/QD-NHNN on planning for digital transformation in 2022 and setting goals in its 2022 Digital Transformation Plan.

To achieve the goals, the central bank also proposed eight tasks and solutions. Firstly, perfecting the institution. Second, developing digital government, including promoting the high-level use of online public services and focusing on reviewing, advising, and submitting policies to reduce time, fees, and charges to competent authorities for promulgation.

Third, digital transactions, by coordinating with ministries, branches, and localities on promoting the implementation of digital payments and non-cash payments.

Fourth, developing and using digital platforms, by issuing a plan for the banking industry to promote the use of national digital platforms for digital transformation, digital government development, digital economy, and digital society under Decision No. 186/QD-BTTTT dated February 11, 2022 from the Minister of Information and Communications.

Fifth, developing digital data, which includes reviewing and publishing the list of open data and shared data in the form of default data sharing.

Sixth, network information safety and network security, by fully deploying four solutions to ensure network information security, organize the classification, identification, and approval of proposed information system security levels and planning to ensure information system security.

Seventh, digital human resources, digital skills, digital citizenship, and digital culture, by developing and organizing the implementation of annual training and retraining plans for officials, public servants, and public employees.

Eighth, digital enterprises, by developing and promulgating a program to determine indexes to assess the level of business arguments and support businesses in digital transformation in the banking industry to implement Decision No. 1970/QD-BTTTT dated December 13, 2021 from the Minister of Information and Communications.