Over the past time, a series of banks have "stripped" to carry out digital transformation. Accordingly, the market constantly appears many new digital banking applications to "retain" existing customers, as well as attract new customers.


Digital transformation in the banking sector is a very intense competition. With the role of the lifeblood of the economy, digital transformation in the banking sector is one of the key factors for digital transformation in general, creating a digital ecosystem of financial inclusion or financial inclusion, pulling followed, promoting digital transformation in other fields. Therefore, experts see that the competition for banking digital transformation will bring greater benefits to the economy and consumers.

A recent PwC survey also shows that 58% of banking users are looking for a better experience in the digital space, despite continuing to keep their main account at a traditional bank.

Currently, the digitization of banking products and services has taken place widely in banks. Up to 95% of banks have been building a digital transformation strategy, of which 39% have approved the strategy or integrated in the direction of business development and information technology. Each bank is having different strategies to optimize its strengths.

As an example in the application of digital technology, the National Joint Stock Commercial Bank (NCB) has focused on developing the NCB iziMobile digital banking application. In addition to familiar features such as account management; transfer; online savings; pay all kinds of bills; buy airline tickets, watch movies; look up exchange rates, interest rates, products and services, incentives; especially, NCB iziMobile is also integrated with new technologies with high security, compatible with many operating systems, convenient, safe, accurate, fast, proactive payment features that have been responding and are responding. full range of safe financial transactions, anytime, anywhere of customers.

NCB iziMobile allows customers to easily open an online account, it only takes 1 minute to immediately use the account and Ebanking service. This is the achievement of applying a series of modern technologies such as optical character recognition technology (OCR), Liveness Detection technology, Facematch technology in the eKYC electronic identification process, with just a few operations. Simple registration to do 100% account opening registration procedures using QR codes in payment transactions, money transfer.

NCB's representative said that the bank is strongly implementing a digital technology-oriented development strategy into all products and services and every activity of the bank, starting with the transformation of the business model; always take customers as the focus in all actions to improve service quality, bring outstanding experiences to customers. The Bank implements the application of new technology to automate and simplify processes/procedures, shortening time and intermediate processing stages; develop a product/service system to provide diversified financial solutions to the ecosystem of strategic partners.


According to a survey by the State Bank of Vietnam, 95% of Vietnamese credit institutions have been developing and implementing a comprehensive digital transformation strategy, applying technical solutions and new technologies such as technology and technology. artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), big data (Big Data)... into service delivery activities to help simplify procedures, shorten service delivery time and support Assist in customer assessment and classification. Many transactions are 100% digitized (such as: Savings deposit, term deposit, opening and using payment account, bank card, e-wallet, money transfer...).

In fact, in recent years, NCB has invested heavily in banking modernization and comprehensive digital transformation. The Bank continues to enhance the outstanding customer experience; promote the digitization of services to contribute to the strong growth of demand deposits (CASA).

In particular, some services that NCB provide allow customers to perform all stages in the process of using payment services (from opening accounts, transferring money, paying bills, depositing and withdrawing savings through payment account,...).

The bank has invested heavily in the digital platform not only for individual customers but also corporate customers, the asset management block, as the foundation to create a strong digital banking ecosystem, in The bank has applied technologies to evaluate, classify customers and decide on disbursement,... to help simplify procedures, shorten disbursement and lending time from many days to a day.

Up to now, NCB is mentioned as one of the first two banks to deploy online payment method with VietQR code on the National Public Service Portal…

“The bank has been focusing on creative development on the digitization platform, expanding the distribution channel of banking products and services to meet the change in customer's consumption behavior, especially in transactions. online translation on a digitized platform with fast speed and high security”, said the NCB leadership representative.

For NCB, digital transformation is a breakthrough development, allowing the Bank to apply a wide range of technologies and digital data to create breakthrough innovations for traditional products and services to enhance competition, while expanding new digitized products and services, actively contributing to changing people's cash usage habits.